119 – Vaccination is not Immunization – My Interview with Dr. Tim O’Shea

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Are you concerned about the risks of vaccinations?

Dr. Tim O'SheaVaccination is not ImmunizationI admit I have a bias against some elements of the vaccination model of health. I admit that my children were not vaccinated except for the very first vaccination for my first born son. I admit that I have my doubts about the safety and even the effectiveness of vaccines. I admit that I have my suspicions about the integrity of the pharmaceutical industry. I admit that I am doubtful that most doctors understand the risks. I admit to being concerned when my children were young whether the decision to avoid vaccines was putting my children at greater risk. So I know that this is a very controversial topic and I know the challenges of going against conventional wisdom.

My wife and I were very fortunate to have a wise, old style doctor. When we asked him for advice he said this “If the children around you have been vaccinated then your child is no risk to them, and they are no risk to your children.” That small bit of advice was enough for us to choose a health building model for our children. Our son had only his first vaccine and our daughter had none. As we evaluated the risks versus the benefits, we were reinforced by our study, belief and experience with natural health. We felt empowered because we were reasonably well informed. Our children are now in their 30’s and so far so good.

My goal is to provide some of the current thinking of those who are opposed to vaccines. This is a highly charged and controversial topic. We are bombarded with the message that this is settled science. Vaccines are good, beneficial, safe and effective. We do not often get counter balanced views. This is such an important and personal decision that parents should explore the opposing view. It is difficult for parents to go against the tide, especially if they don’t have a good understanding of the issues.

So this interview is for those who have questions. This is not to provide your answer. I don’t believe in advising people to do what we did. That was our personal choice based on the totality of what we knew and believed. We gathered our advisers, we read the available literature, we saw what happened with the swine flu vaccine which harmed many people at that time. We trusted our gut and had faith in our decision. It is your journey and your responsibility to decide the path for your family. To do that well, you must be informed about the important decisions that come your way. Whether or not to vaccinate is one of the most important decisions you will make.

If you proceed with the vaccinations then your only concern is the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines. That puts you on one path. If you choose to forego vaccines then you are on a much different journey. You will face criticism from nearly everyone. You will face obstacles with doctors, schools etc. You may face self doubt. You may even face legal obstacles if vaccinations become mandatory.

In this interview, Dr. Tim O’Shea discusses his book Vaccination Is Not Immunization and the research that he reveals in his book. This is for those of you who are concerned and are seeking more information. Dr. O’Shea looks at the science and comes away with a particular point of view regarding the risks vs the benefits of childhood vaccines. His website is: TheDoctorWithin.com

Vaccine ExemptionsI also have an interview with attorney Alan Phillips who has written a book on how to maintain your legal rights if you are parents who choose not to vaccinate. How do you assert your parental rights in face of the opposition you will face. His book is entitled Vaccine Legal Exemptions. His website is : VaccineRights.com

These two interviews will give you a good start in understanding to medical and legal implications of the decision not to have your children vaccinated. Whatever your decision is, it is your decision. Become well informed. In either case, provide a healthy lifestyle for your children.

Immunization ScheduleFor a graphic chart of the immunization schedule for children up to the age of 18: Click Here.


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