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Clinically tested probiotic promotes healthy vaginal microflora.

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Anthony ThomasWe all know the big news about probiotics and the benefits to the digestive system. What is not as well known is that the probiotic microflora are also important specifically for women’s vaginal and urinary tract health. The bacteria that are the best for vaginal health are not necessarily the same as the intestinal flora. If you learn one thing from, it is that “not all products are equal.” This is never truer than with probiotics. You should always confirm that your probiotics have been shown to be effective. Good companies follow the science. Good companies use clinically tested raw materials. Good companies want you to know what they do to deliver high quality, safe and effective nutritional products.

That is why I wanted to do this interview with Anthony Thomas from Jarrow Formulas. The topic is female vaginal flora. One of the challenges for women is getting credible, accurate and reliable health advice. It’s difficult to know who to trust when it comes to nutritional advice. There are many probiotic formulas available that are labeled for vaginal and urinary support. The simple question is for any probiotic formula is: “How do you know it works?” The profound answer is that many probiotics labeled for women don’t have any clinical evidence as to their effectiveness. So what’s a woman to do? Follow the science. Most of the following information is from Jarrow Formulas.

 Disruption of the vaginal microbiota can result in low lactobacilli and an increase in vaginal pH, with yeast/anaerobic bacteria overgrowth as potential outcomes. Common factors that influence vaginal microbiota are varied:

  • Antibiotics
  • Hygiene
  • Fatigue
  • Sexual Activity
  • Pregnancy
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Age

In this interview, Anthony will discuss what are the challenges faced by women and he will discuss the science of probiotics for women’s vaginal health. We will also discuss which probiotics actually have clinical science. It may surprise you that the bacteria in a healthy vagina is different from digestive bacteria. Anthony will discuss the specific strains that are used in Jarro-Dophilus Women’s Probiotic.

Jarro-Dophilus Women contains four clinically documented probiotic lactobacilli vaginal strains, including hydrogen peroxide (H202 lowers pH) producers isolated from healthy women that promote optimal vaginal microflora. Clinically tested for efficacy in helping to maintain protective, native vaginal flora.*

  • Lactobacillus crispatus  LbV 88
  • Lactobacillus jensenii  LbV 116
  • Lactobacillus gasseri  LbV 150N
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus LbV 96

These lactobacilli are the prevalent and dominant species of healthy vaginal microbiota. These four strains were selected from 166 strains isolated from healthy pregnant women. Let that sink in. These are the predominant forms, the ones most common in healthy women. When you are looking for the right probiotic, it makes sense to seek the most effective clinical strains. This is why you must look more closely at the products you buy and the companies that make them. Do they know and do they care? What if a company chooses strains that are low on the list of beneficial bacterial strains or not even on the list at all?

In the case of Jarro-Dophilus, not only have the individual strains been tested, but also the finished product has been shown to safe and effective. So you know that the product you put in your mouth is the same as was used in the study and you should expect similar results. Here is a link for more information about the study.

These lactobacilli produce H202, which is important for maintaining healthy vaginal flora. This lowers the pH which discourages unwanted overgrowth such as Candida albicans. This formula is also designed to tolerate stomach acid and bile salts ensuring survival in the gastrointestinal tract. 

The probiotic industry has exploded and now we have hundreds of companies putting products into the marketplace that have no real science or benefit. This is a big bandwagon and everyone now has a probiotic. If you are serious about the products you buy, then learn to dig deeper. Ask questions, seek evidence, and figure out what companies and which products you can trust. It’s only hard in the beginning, and as you learn more you will gain confidence. You will make better choices and better choices lead to better outcomes. 

This is why exists. To give you access to some of the best minds, companies, and products in the natural products industry. After you listen to this interview with Anthony Thomas you will understand much more about the need for and benefits of effective clinical vaginal probiotics. You need not wonder if this product is effective and worth your time and money. Now you will know. Strains matter. When evaluating a probiotic formulation to support vaginal and reproductive tract health seek out the data. This is what you will discover:

BOTTOM LINE: Jarro-Dophilus Women is the only commercially available and clinically tested probiotic formula to contain the most common and predominant lactobacilli species found in healthy vaginas. That is a huge distinction and that is why you should know about this probiotic.

About Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas, Ph.D. earned his B.A. in Nutrition, Food Science, and Dietetics from California State University Northridge, his doctorate in Nutritional Biology from the University of California at Davis, and conducted postdoctoral research at the University of California at Los Angeles Larry Hillblom Islet Research Center.  His primary research interests (via both pre-clinical and clinical studies) have focused on the influence of dietary and lifestyle factors (i.e., physical activity, circadian disruption) on the pathogenesis of chronic cardiovascular/metabolic diseases including obesity, insulin resistance syndrome, and type 2 diabetes.  He has authored/co-authored multiple peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts and has served as a referee with relevant expertise in the fields of nutrition, obesity, and diabetes for multiple scientific journals.

Jarrow Formulas



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How the Heart, Brain, and Gut Influence Mental Health and Identity

Brain Support

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on Brain Support

I remember when the medical mantra about brain health was that the brain is more or less fixed. We can’t do much to change the brain.  It’s not just that this is wrong, it also that it was preached to us with such certainty. As if it were settled science. We have the same problem today because so much medical advice is presented as the settled science. Be careful what you believe because some of it will likely be wrong.

“The human brain has always been a source of fascination. For centuries scientists have been trying to unlock its secrets. This has never been more relevant than today, when more people, young and old, are being diagnosed with brain disorders – such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, learning disorders, and dementias – than ever before.
In her new book, naturopathic doctor Karen Jensen explores the intricate communication network between the heart, the brain, and the gut. An increasing body of research suggests that these three “brains” all work together to determine our mental, emotional, and physical health. These three brains not only influence optimal brain function but the very essence of our identity.
There is growing evidence that nutrients from whole foods, exercise, and supplements are effective, non-invasive ways to support mental health and cognition. Dr. Jensen incorporates a thorough review of the many brain-boosting nutrients essential for healthy three-brain function. Learning about the causes and risk factors associated with brain disorders will give us a greater understanding of what we can do to help prevent and treat these life-limiting conditions.” Dr. Jensen.

The role of the three brains:

Although the head, heart, and gut brains work together, they have obvious different physical functions and they also perform different mental and emotional roles.

  • The head brain analyzes information and applies logic.
  • The heart brain senses the world through emotion and feelings.
  • The gut brain is used for understanding our identity and who we are in the world. The gut brain also helps us learn self-preservation by teaching us to follow our instinct – the “gut feeling” we all experience at times.

When we speak of three brains we are speaking about the emerging science that is identifying neural communications and neurotransmitters that are not found not only in the brain but also in the gut. You may have heard about the “gut brain”. Recent research has revealed that many neurotransmitters including dopamine and serotonin are found in the gut. We have now learned that the heart has its own neurotransmitters and that communication takes place between the heart, brain, and gut. It seems that some of the nutrients recognized for the support for brain structure and function are also helpful in the gut and heart. Should it be a surprise that nutrients that provide benefit in one area of the body would also be beneficial in other areas? Nature is very efficient and we are now discovering how interconnected the various systems in the body are. This may explain why nutrients seem helpful for a wide variety of health concerns, they are used throughout the body.

Did You Know:

  • “Variations in the composition of the gut microbiota have been shown to impact health on many levels, not just in the gut but in the brain as well.
  • Probiotics have been shown to support individuals with mental health issues, as well as problems with bowel function.
  • The heart is a much more complex organ, both of perception and cognition than was previously believed. Scientists have discovered that the heart produces oxytocin, which is beneficial for many mental health conditions, reducing stress-induced cortisol levels, and weight loss.
  • Oxytocin has also been found in the intestinal tract, where it improves gut motility and decreases intestinal inflammation. ” Dr. Jensen.

Dr. Jensen’s book is broken down as follows:

  • Chapter 1 discusses the three brains.
  • Chapter 2 discusses stress and the three brains.
  • Chapters 3 and 4 discuss factors that disrupt three brain health.
  • Chapter 5 discusses using nutrition to achieve optimal brain health.
  • Chapter 6 discusses protecting and supporting brain development in children.
  • Chapter 7 discusses three brain, mood and mental disorders.
  • Chapter 8 discusses sleep disorders.
  • Chapter 9 discusses memory disorders.
  • Includes the Optimal Use Guide.

In this interview, Dr. Jensen discusses her collaboration with Natural Factors. Natural Factors is one of the premier supplement lines in the natural products industry. Natural Factors has created products based on the three brains research. Three Brains Total is a packet of supplements that provide foundational brain support. The rest of the products are targeted for specific support. Their names give you some idea of their target benefit: Mental Sunshine, Higher Thoughts, Best Sleep, Serene Mind and Brain Fix. The information provided by Dr. Jensen in her book and the products created by Natural Factors are complimentary to each other. You can benefit from both. 

About Dr. Karen Jensen, ND
Dr. Jensen received her degree in naturopathic medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Ontario in 1988. She is a well-known lecturer and has appeared regularly on television and radio stations across Canada. She has also written extensively for health magazines and is the author of Menopause: A Naturopathic Approach to the Transitional Years and Three Brains: How the Heart, Brain, and Gut Influence Mental Health and Identity. She co-authored Stress and the Disease Connection, No More HRT: Menopause Treat the Cause, The Complete Athlete, and The Adrenal Stress Connection. After 25 years in clinical practice, Dr. Jensen has recently retired but continues to write and lecture on the naturopathic approach to wellness. Dr. Jensen also lectures on behalf of Natural Factors.

Natural Factors


257 – America’s Emerging Hemp Industry – My Interview with Josh Hendrix

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Hemp is an important agricultural commodity around the world. Hemp played an important role in the growth and development of America as well. Until 1937 when the marijuana tax act criminalized all cannabis including industrial hemp. This is a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water. The road back to US hemp production is just gaining traction.

Hemp based products have been available in the US for probably a decade or so. Products like protein rich hemp seed, hemp oil (not to be confused with CDB Oil), hemp fiber for rope and fabrics have come into the marketplace. These products are made from hemp grown in other countries. Canada for example produces industrial hemp. So the challenge of making industrial hemp legal again in the US been formidable but doable. 

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256 – Nutrition for Children – My Interview with Jolie Root

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We face a growing challenge with childhood health. It seems that more and more children are experiencing significant health issues more so than in the past. Parents are rightly concerned and always want to do the best for their children. Easier said than done. When we begin to consider the many ways in which children can be adversely affected it can be overwhelming. Perhaps even more daunting is how do we raise healthy children in today’s environment.

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255 – Testing Your Antioxidant Status – My Interview with Dr. Russell Jaffe

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Antioxidants are an interesting topic. Everyone seems to understand that antioxidants are important for good health. After that it all gets fuzzy. I admit that my own understanding of antioxidant function is limited. What actually is oxidative stress? What does the oxidative test measure? What are the differences between the many foods and supplement forms of antioxidants? What are free radicals? Those are a few of the questions answered in this interview with Dr. Russell Jaffe.

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254 – Clinically Effective Prostate Support – My Interview with Josée Fortin

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In this interview Dr. Josée Fortin discusses the challenges that most men will face with swelling prostate. She discusses the reasons that men develop BPH and some of the lifestyles factors that can influence the state of prostate health. She also discusses Prostasan. Prostasan is a clinically studied form of Saw Palmetto extract. When searching for a prostate formula look for one where the clinical studies were done on that specific product. You want to know that you are buying the clinical form. Prostasan has 3 published clinical studies showing efficacy.

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253 – The Health Benefits of Mushrooms – My Interview with Jerry Angelini

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In this podcast I am interviewing Jerry Angelini. Jerry is the National Science Educator for Host Defense Organic Mushrooms. We will discuss the broader topic of beneficial mushrooms. Of the hundreds of mushrooms that have been identified there are only a few that we consider as beneficial. Most of the mushrooms considered beneficial are the ones that have been used for centuries in traditional cultures. So with the anecdotal knowledge and today’s scientific capabilities we can now consider these mushroom as serious contributors to human health. 

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252 – All About Protein – My Interview with Neil E. Levin

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In this interview Neil E. Levin will discuss the importance of protein in human nutrition. We will also discuss some of the health concerns related to protein. Considering that protein is one of the macro nutrients, it makes sense that we understand its benefits.

What are proteins and why are they important?
What are amino acids?
What are the recommended levels of protein?
What are differences between sources of protein?
What happens if protein is deficient?
What adversely affects protein digestion?
What improves protein digestion?

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251 – Predictive Biomarker High Sensitivity CRP – My Interview with Dr. Russell Jaffe

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One of the reasons that inflammation is so devastating is that chronic, highly active inflammation from one cause will adversely affect many other structures and functions in the body. One problem will lead to others. The drugs used to treat the disease will likely contribute to additional problems. The drugs cannot heal chronic inflammation. Only your body can do that and only if you put into place that which leads to healing. The good news is that even serious chronic condition can be dramatically improved in a few months with the serious application of healing lifestyle, diet, and supplementation.

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250 – Is CBD Oil a Drug or Nutrient? Or Both? – My Interview with Dr. Hector Lopez

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There is a great deal of excitement over CBD Oil. With good reason. It’s safe and effective for everyday use by consumers and it has properties that can be exploited pharmaceutically. In fact there is ongoing clinical research using CBD for serious health conditions. In this interview with Dr. Hector Lopez, we will explore the difference between the drug development and research and the consumer applications of CBD.

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