Reishi mushroom is a superior tonic for overall health.

Mark Kaylor

Herbs & Plants

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Known as “The Elixir of Immortality,” Reishi mushrooms have long been used in China and Japan. Reishi is classified as one of the “supreme herbs” in the sixteenth century compendium Materia Medica, and was believed to help promote healing and longevity.* For the emperors of China and Japan, Reishi is one of the superior medicinal herbs because of its apparent medical efficacy and the absence of unfavorable side-effects. Because of its rarity in nature, reishi was reserved primarily for Asian royalty and wealthy individuals until the late 20th century, when cultivation of red reishi mushrooms by the Japanese made the once rare fungi plant more widely available to the general populace around the world. 

In this interview, Mark Kaylor will explore the centuries old benefits of Reishi mushroom. Mark will also discuss the modern applications of Reishi. There is a great body of science regarding how mushrooms exerts their affects on human health. Those benefits are impressive especially in the field of immunology as well as showing support for the nervous and cardiovascular systems*. Reishi has also been shown to support healthy liver function and is considered a superior tonic*.

Mark makes the important point that Reishi grows under very specific conditions in the wild. The best Reishi is cultivated using the natural growing methods similar to wild grown environments. He emphasizes that Reishi from Mushroom Wisdom is grown and extract in the manner most respectful of the plants needs. Growing Reishi by other methods and in other mediums does not provide a comparable product. If you want to use traditional Reishi, that is grown and cultivated in a manner designed to maximize its nutritional value then you must pay attention to how a product is grown and manufactured. Mark explains some of these distinctions and what to look for.

Historic, Scientific and Medical Resources
Reishi has a long history and is one of the most respected medicinal mushrooms in Japanese and Chinese Traditional Medicine. The history of Reishi is a great place to gain historical perspective. I found a wonderful resource that will provide more information: You can download a copy of “Red Reishi – How an Ancient Herbal Treasure Can Benefit Your Health Today”. Published in 2003 by Wong Shu Sing and endorsed by the Japan Reishi Association. This FREE 50 page booklet is a reliable resource and easy to read.

PubMedReishi also has a significant body of recent science. Go to PubMed and use search term ‘reishi‘ and you will find over 900 studies on Reishi. PubMed is where you go when you want to consider the body of scientific research. It can be weighty for the average person, but I think the significance of a nutrient is somewhat revealed and validated by the amount of research interest there is. Products don’t have 900 studies unless there is evidence of benefit to justify the research. You don’t need to read the research if you don’t want to. For many of us it is enough to know there is plenty of research to back up the claims.

One excellent medical resource is Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. MSKCC has compiled a great of information on natural product. You can review their information on Reishi using this link.

NOTE: As a supplement manufacturer, Mushroom Wisdom does not make any medical claims for its products*. Mushroom Wisdom’s claim is that they create superior mushroom extracts using traditional methods and modern science. They lead towards the future of mushroom supplements with respect for past. Remember: nutrients are not drugs and drugs are not nutrients. Mushrooms are medicinal foods that contain unique and powerful phytochemicals that nourish human health.

Many consumers don’t know much about natural mushrooms and the potential role in health. Its too bad because these beneficial mushrooms contains some of the most powerful immune supporting nutrients. The more you know, the better choice you will make and better choices will lead to better outcomes. It does matter what brand you choose. When you follow the history, when you include the science, when you discover a responsible manufacturer, then you can have great confidence when you choose a product. Then you will have a reasonable expectation of success. The reason I point my listeners to specific products and specific brands is that I have proved to myself that these recommendations can be relied on. The best products are the ones that work best for you. Start with a superior product and  use it consistently for 3 months and then judge for yourself. This is how you develop a nutritional program that works.

Interviews with Mark Kaylor
Mark and I are engaged in an ongoing exploration of the beneficial medicinal and healing mushrooms. So far we have discussed Maitake, Maitake SX, Poria and Lion’s Mane mushrooms. You can find all of Mark’s interviews here.

About Mark Kaylor
Radient_Health_ProjectMark has been exploring a diverse array of healing practices and traditions from around the world since college. From a Cherokee reservation to the Amazonian rainforest to mountains in China, Mark has explored the healing traditions around the world.These varied studies grew into a style of practice and approach to healing that focuses on truly holistic healing and incorporates a variety of approaches, styles, and modalities. Eschewing allopathic treatments for symptomatic relief, Mark has been in pursuit of radiant health, both in his own life and in his practice; viewing health and healing as a lifelong process or “path” rather than an end goal.Mark has been consulting and formulating products in the natural products industry for many years. He is currently creating a not-for- profit organization, Radiant Health Project, which is centered on sharing health and healing information from a holistic and natural perspective, focusing on maximizing health, vitality, and even longevity

Mark is co-author of “Syndrome X and SX Fraction” and the newsletter “Health from the Hive”. You can contact him via his website: Wisdom


Discovering the Value of Post-Biotic Metabolites

Ross Pelton

Digestive Health

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This is a very interesting interview with Ross Pelton. We have discussed probiotics many times here on We all now understand that probiotics exert an important and powerful effect on human health. We also understand that humans have been consuming fermented foods for thousands of years. The advent of refrigeration and food processing has resulted in less fermented foods in the diet giving us less beneficial bacteria. One solution to this lack of beneficial probiotic rich foods is to consume probiotic supplements. 

It will come as no surprise to the followers of our podcast to learn that each probiotic supplement is unique. Each company has its own formulas and its unique ways of bringing products to market. Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic has been around for 30 years and even now I am continuing to learn more about it’s unique properties. In this interview Ross Pelton does a wonderful job of explaining what makes Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic so different.  

In the beginning of the interview Ross describes how a chance encounter of Dr. Ohhira eventually led to the development of Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic. It’s a powerful example of the chain of events that leads to something new. I am always intrigued by the route that it takes to bring innovative products to market. Good products may be discovered by accident, but it is no accident when good products make it to the marketplace. It is good and wise to look at the history of a company and its founder to gain some perspective as what drives their mission. Some if not most of the best products are the result of a man/woman on a mission to bring something new and valuable to the market. In this case this is a very interesting story.

There is an object lesson here as well because Ross is able to illustrate that our internal environment is similar to the external environment that we live in. Ecosystems exist in a delicate balance. The goal for each of us as humans is to achieve balance and homeostasis throughout the body. We now appreciate more about the importance of the guts ecosystem. This discussion with Ross will help clarify the specific ways in which Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic is created to deliver specific nutritional benefits.

Not a Probiotic?
Ross makes the point that Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic may be better described as Proprietary Fermented Food Concentrate. When we look closer at how this product is produced I think you will be impressed. Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic can be best described as Prebiotics, Probiotics and Postbiotic Metabolites. As we discuss the unique properties of Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic compare them in your mind with freeze dried isolated bacteria that are found in most probiotic supplements. When we say that there are distinctions in the marketplace between products, this is a great example. 

Prebiotics are the foods consumed by the probiotic bacteria. Most probiotic supplements do not include prebiotic food in the capsule. A few provide some fiber food for when the bacteria become active. Dr. Ohhira feeds and grows the bacteria for three years in a fermentation process. The foods used include fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and seaweed. During the three year fermentation process, the bacteria thrive in a nutrient dense environment and they produce an abundance of metabolic compounds called postbiotics.

Probiotics are the specific beneficial bacterial strains used in supplements. The human gut may have 500 different strains of bacteria with a few being the most dominant. The trend is to identify each exact strain of bacteria used in a supplement formula. Not all strains of probiotic bacteria have been studied and in many cases the actual benefits are not known. Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic uses specific strains which produce specific and unique postbiotic metabolites.

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Postbiotic Metabolites are the specific compounds produced by the specific bacteria that have been fed a specific diet for three years. This is where the rubber meets the road. It is the metabolites produced and excreted by the bacteria that are responsible for the benefits. The ability to function fully requires that the bacteria receive the nutrients they need, in quantities sufficient and in an environment that is optimal for their growth and development.  The metabolites produced by Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic bacteria include pH balancing organic acids along with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids to support digestive function and whole health.* This is the magic of Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic.

Prebiotic nutrient dense foods are fermented for three years using specific probiotic bacteria which produce an abundance of postbiotic metabolites which then becomes a supplement. This is why Ross describes Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic as a proprietary fermented food concentrate. The term probiotic is almost too simplistic because it really does not do justice to the complex supplement that Dr. Ohirra has created. There is nothing else like Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic. There is a great deal of useful information on the Essential Formulas website. Here is an interesting article written by RossThe Microbiome: New Definition and Understanding Postbiotic Metabolites are the next frontier of microbiome science.

Dr. Ohhira has received numerous awards for many years. We consider awards and recognition from others to be an important way to gain confidence in a company, their products and their claims. 

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Kampuku Beauty Bar
Dr. Ohhira also recognized that beneficial bacteria are a part of our external environment as they live on our skin and provide specific protection. Because the surface of the skin is an ecosystem populated by diverse micro flora, using synthetic cleansers and moisturizers can disrupt its delicate balance. Choose to nourish it instead! Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Kampuku Beauty Bar™ merges the rejuvenating power of natural ingredients, ancient Japanese fermentation skills, and modern science to create a clarifying, balancing, and rejuvenating beauty bar gentle enough for the entire family. The probiotic extract in our Kampuku Beauty Bar™ also provides rich nutrients like amino acids, and vitamins and minerals that support dermal health and balance.

Ross Pelton, RPh, PhD, CCN
Ross Pelton is the Natural Pharmacist. He received his BS degree in pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin. He also has a PhD in psychology and is a certified clinical nutritionist (CCN). In October 1999, Ross was named as one of the Top 50 Most Influential Pharmacists in America by American Druggist magazine for his work in natural medicine. He is the author of ten books and numerous online health seminars. Ross is currently the scientific director for Essential Formulas. The link to his blog and personal website Dr. Ohhira's Probioticis






280 – Are You Confused About Cannabidiol (CBD)? – My Interview with Stuart Tomc

There is a great deal of confusion regarding CBD. There are multiple facets to the discussion around CBD. There are diverse opinions on these multiple facets. There is a great deal of market hype. There are many products in the market place with many different and diverse claims. There are now non-CBD products available to consumers. There are legal and regulatory issues that are unclear as well. So how does one cut through the clutter and bring a little clarity to the subject. That is the task we take on in this interview with Stuart Tomc.

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279 – Achieving Health and Longevity – My Interview with Dr. John Rubinow

In this interview with Dr. John Rubinow, we will explore the basic concepts of health and longevity. These concepts that we discuss may seem self evident to those of us who have explored health and wellness for years. However there are more and more people who desire to embrace a healthier lifestyle. More and more we realize that we must make serious choices about how to live our lives. Dr. Rubinow makes the point that longevity without health is not desirable. It is the quality of life and our health status that are more important that the number of years we live.

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278 – Nutrition and Lifestyle for a Healthier Heart – My Interview with Jolie Root

In this interview with Jolie Root, we are focusing on is the importance of all the other things that you can and should do that support not only cardiovascular health but also the health of your entire system. Nutrients that are good for the brain and also good for the heart. Nutrients that are good for inflammation are good throughout the body. Exercise benefits the entire body as do most of the good things we can do for ourselves. So the topic we are discussing is what can you do to support health and cardiovascular health in particular.

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277 – Your Endocannabinoid System – My Interview with Jade Beutler

The Healing Power of the Endocannabinoid System  (ECS) – It’s surprising to many that the ECS was only formally recognized in the 1990’s. Since then there have been over 23000 studies published containing the word “cannabinoid”. This is a confusing topic for many. In this interview we are going to give you a great introduction into the ECS. The more you understand the better choices you will make. My guest is Jade Beutler. Jade is the CEO of Emerald Health Bioceuticals. Emerald Health Bioceuticals is a global leader in the research and development of plant-based phytocannabinoids that support the human ECS.

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276 – Silver Hydrosol for Immune Support – My Interview with Dr. Robert MacCuspie

There are a few natural dietary supplements that exist in a class by themselves. Sovereign Silver is very different than other competitive silver products in the marketplace. This interview is about how you can learn for yourself and see the difference between Sovereign Silver and every other product you can buy. That is a bold claim and it isn’t often that the distinctions are this clear. I think if you look closely at Sovereign Silver and listen to this interview you will begin to see the distinctions and why it makes an important difference.

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275 – Nutrition for Your Brain – Part 1 – My Interview with Neil E. Levin

In this interview, Neil E. Levin discuss the current state of science and some of the current recommendations about how to support brain health. We spend a bit of time on the nutritional recommendation for foods from some of the country best medical resources. What everybody seems to agree on, is that high quality, high nutrition foods are the foundation for better brain health. A lot of people miss that simple truth, that it starts with good food. Neil also makes the point that lifestyle factors are also very important. So managing stress, getting enough sleep, regular exercise and using your brain are important lifestyle factors that you must consider.

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274 – Endocannabinoid System Overview – My Interview with Chip Paul

This is an amazing time for research into the endocannabinoid system (ECS), it’s role in human health and how certain herbs and plants contain compounds that either have a direct on receptors in the body or play a role as a precursor to endocannabinoids, or both. 

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273 – The Science of Herbs and Phytomedicines – My Interview with Mark Blumenthal

We now have access to herbs from around the world. How do we know which herbs are effective? How do we know which herbs are scientific studied? How do we know the herbs in our capsules and teas are what they say they are? What about adulteration and fraud? These are real issues that consumers face in the marketplace. As herbs become more popular the need for third party certifications become more important to prove that what’s stated on the label is truly what is in the product.

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