Do you have bloating, belching, poor digestions or occasional heartburn?

Interview with Dr. Audrey Ross

Digestive Health

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There are a lot of people with digestive challenges that are not medically related. These are common everyday digestive issues that don’t require medical intervention. Problems such as occasional, poor digestion, gas, bloating, heart burn and stomach irritation are examples of digestive complaints that can often be addressed by good nutritional support.* Just to be clear, we are not discussing serious digestive problems that require medical intervention. For all medical concerns see your health care practitioner.

When you have digestive complaints it is a good idea to evaluate everything that may be contributing factors. You need to be a lifestyle detective and examine your life. For the best long term outcomes you have to put right that which is going wrong.

  • Diet should be the first thing you consider. What foods bother you? How do they bother you? When do they bother you?
  • Are you eating poor quality foods or beverages? Many people will feel better just by eating wholesome foods and avoiding the junk.
  • Do you have excessive stress? Digestion often suffers when people are over-stressed.
  • Are you on medications that may interfere with good digestion? If so speak with your doctor about your concerns.
  • Do you need a good prebiotic and probiotic? If you have occasional digestive issues, consider supplementing with high quality probiotics*. NOTE: High potency does not equate to high quality. Be discerning.
  • Do you practice conscious eating? If you eat on the run, gobble your food, drink excessively with your meals? This can set you up for disturbed digestion. Do you chew your food well or eat fast? Good digestion begins in the mouth.

In this interview with Dr. Audrey Ross we will discuss solutions for these common, occasional digestive complaints. We will consider Country Life Vitamins and the simple solutions that you should know about. I have personally used many Country Life products for 40 years and I am happy to tell you about these. I have confidently recommended them many times over the years.

Occasional Acid Indigestion

It seems today that the first line approach to acid indigestion and other digestive complaints is to take one of the acid blocking medications. In doing so first, we bypass the simple nutritional solutions that may be appropriate and effective. In some cases, people may even need more stomach acid. The irony is that both high stomach acid and low stomach acid can have similar symptoms.

Acid Rescue is a simple solution for occasional heart burn and acid indigestion. Acid rescue provides calcium carbonate in a tasty sugar-free chewable tablet that quickly gives relief. It’s easy to take and works right away.

Digestive Enzyme Support
Digestive Enzymes are used by the body to break down the foods we consume. Without sufficient enzymes we cannot extract the nutrients. If you feel bloated, have stomach gas, belching and food just sits like a rock in your stomach, you may consider supplementing with digestive enzymes. If you need more enzymes then a solution would be to take them with your meals.  Each different enzyme digests a specific type of food such as protein, carbs, fats, fiber, lactose and so on. Look for enzymes that digest the foods that bother you when you eat.

Papaya Digestive Support is a fruity chewable enzyme from whole fruit non-GMO Papaya. Papaya Digestive Support contains protease to support protein digestion and alpha-amylase to support the breakdown of carbohydrates.

Aloe Vera Liquid
Aloe Vera is a plant that has been used for hundreds of years for its beneficial properties. Many people know that aloe has wonderful benefits externally. In this case we are considering the use of the inner filet in liquid form. Aloe Vera liquid has been shown to support immune, cardiovascular, and digestive health.* How do we have confidence in these claims? This is a good example of the value of clinically studied ingredients.

Country Life Vitamins uses ACTIValoe®. There are over 20 published studies on ACTIValoe® showing these and other benefits for their specific Aloe Vera Liquid. If you want products that have science behind their claims then you need to expect companies to use trademarked, clinically studied ingredients. This is how consumers can have confidence in products. You should also consider the certifications that exist.

ACTIValoe® has been shown to increase the absorption of vitamins B12, C and E*. ACTIValoe® contains acemannan which works as a prebiotic.*

Aloe Plus includes ACTIValoe® plus the herbs ginger, turmeric, peppermint, sheep sorrel, burdock root, slipper elm and turkey rhubarb.

Activated Charcoal
Charcoal has been used for hundreds of years as an internal aid. Even today charcoal is used in filtration systems because of its absorptive properties. Internally charcoal is used to adsorb intestinal gas. It is this property that makes charcoal useful. Charcoal can be used in body cleansing programs. It is even now being used to brush your teeth.

Country Life Vitamins Activated Charcoal is sustainably sourced from coconut shells. It is specially processed under high steam activation.

NOTE: Charcoal may bind to prescription medications. Consult with your doctor prior to using.

It’s interesting to me that these were all known to me as natural remedies when I first studied nutrition over 40 years ago. This is a case where the simple remedies of the past have been made current and still provide very profound benefits. These products were developed because they are effective and with Country Life Vitamins, I know they are a company you can trust.

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Dr. Audrey Ross, ND
Dr. Ross works for Country Life Vitamins  and Biochem Science by Nature as their Senior National Educator. She has a PhD in Naturopathy as well as a degree in Marketing. Dr. Ross ran a naturopathic consulting practice in Texas and worked with medical doctors, providing nutritional consultations for patients. Dr. Ross has a passion for teaching and has conducted seminars on nutrition, weight loss, stress reduction, etc. She co-authored a book on female hormone management in 2000. Her passion and knowledge bridges the divide between allopathic and naturopathic health care.




Probiotic science is leading to more cutting edge products.

Interview with Maggie Johnle

Digestive Health

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The probiotic category is a hotbed of research and as a result new products are emerging at a rapid rate. The science of probiotics is revealing the unique benefits of genetically identifiable strains. This is leading to more specifically targeted products. It also means that consumers must continue to gain more understanding in order to sort out the products and the claims. There are a lot of good companies making good probiotics. There is also way too many products that are inferior in some way or another that is not always obvious. Then there are companies like Renew Life who seek to create more consumer friendly products based on the latest science.

If you, as a consumer, are sometimes overwhelmed or confused by the market, I am here to tell you to relax and not despair. Especially when it comes to choosing a product, research tells us that when confronted with too many choices, people have a harder time making a decision. The good news is that there are great products from companies who care. Find companies that you have confidence in and then explore what they have to offer. You can always evaluate your experience and try different products until you find the one that works best for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

In this interview with Maggie Johnle, we will discuss the importance of probiotics in human nutrition. We will discuss the emerging science and how that is expressed by Renew Life. What does this mean to consumers? Probiotics can be a confusing category and we will sort out some of that confusion in this interview. We’ll look at Renew Life new probiotics to examine how these new trends can benefit you.

Emerging Trends – in no particular order

  • Strains – What is important is that strains are now being uniquely genetically identified. The unique strains are being studied and the benefits of the specific strain can be articulated and incorporated into products. This allows for targeted support for diverse issues.
  • Number of bacteria – Over the past decade the trend has been for an ever increasing bacteria count. We have gone from 1 billion to 15 billion to 50 billion to 100 billion and upward to 200 billion. Higher and higher counts are not necessarily correlated with better benefits. While there is nothing wrong with higher potency products, there is a cost. You can get benefits at more nominal potencies. There are other more important considerations.
  • Organic Prebiotics – Prebiotics are the food provided for the nourishment of the bacteria. Adding prebiotics to a supplement helps assure the bacteria have an immediate source of food. Many companies use no prebiotics and of those that do, most do not use organic forms. Organic xylooligosaccharides or XOS has been shown to increase the number of beneficial microflora in the colon and to help replenish Bifidobacteria that may be depleted as a result of normal aging.* XOS derived from organic corncob that is gentle and well tolerated for everyone in your family.*
  • Targeted Formulas – This is an important distinction that is being made possible because of the ongoing research. Some of the most common issues that are benefited by probiotics are constipation, diarrhea, immune issues, weight loss, urinary and vaginal balance and of course just for everyday use. Targeted products will include clinically effective strains for those issues.
  • Refrigeration – This is one of the hotly debated issues in the supplement industry. Do probiotics require refrigeration to remain viable and effective. The answer seems to be mostly no. Modern probiotics seem to remain stable even when not refrigerated. There are some brands that strongly suggest refrigeration and they ship their products to stores in cold packs. Follow the label directions. It will never hurt to refrigerate probiotics as that will provide the longest survival time.
  • Certifications – Look for 3rd party certifications such as organic and non-GMO
  • Guarantee – Good probiotics should remain viable through the expiration date under normal storage conditions. Look for products that are guaranteed potency through the expiration date.

New Renew Life Probiotic + Prebiotics for you to consider.

  • DAILY BALANCE: everyday digestive & immune support*
    Daily Balance formula works to continually replenish a healthy gut bacteria balance and maintain digestive health and regularity.* With four keystone strains known for their gut health properties—plus six additional Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli strains—it also helps to support healthy immune and respiratory systems.*
  • WOMEN’S DAILY: urinary, vaginal, digestive & immune support*
    Because women’s bodies have unique needs, Women’s Daily formula contains several specific strains that have been clinically demonstrated to help support women’s health.* In addition to promoting digestive and immune health, they work to promote healthy vaginal flora.* Organic cranberry extract is added to help maintain urinary tract health.*
  • RETURN TO REGULAR: occasional constipation, plus digestive & immune support*
    Did you know occasional constipation is one of the most common digestive problems in the United States? According to the National Institutes of Health, it affects roughly 42 million Americans. Return to Regular formula contains probiotic strains clinically demonstrated to support regularity.* Working together with the organic prebiotics, they help to support regular bowel movements and reduce occasional bloating.*
  • STRONG & READY: immune, respiratory and digestive support*
    Strong & Ready formula helps support the immune system at every stage in life.* Its keystone strains have been clinically demonstrated to support digestive health and to help maintain long-term and seasonal respiratory health.*
  • KIDS DAILY COMPLETE: digestive, regularity, immune & respiratory support*
    Children encounter constant challenges to their immune and digestive systems as they grow and develop, and just like adults they benefit from getting additional good bacteria throughout their lives. Kids Daily Complete formula contains 10 billion live cultures per single-serve packet to support gut diversity and help strengthen your child’s immune system.* It also includes Wellmune® to help ensure healthier days.* Wellmune beta glucan is derived from a proprietary strain of baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that has been demonstrated in clinical studies to enhance immunity in children.*

Renew Life products are found in most good independent health food stores.

Maggie Johnle, CNC/HHP
Maggie is a holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) and a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC) with experience in writing, teaching and presenting on many topics. Maggie has been with Renew Life in the Sales & Education functions since 2004 specializing in sales support through education. She calls Palm Harbor, FL home and is Associate Sales Planning Manager for innovation and leads the training team as National Training Manager.


301 – Meshima Mushroom Supports Breast Health for Women

“Meshima, (Phellinus linteus) whose name literally means “Women’s Island,” is a mushroom that grows on mulberry trees on an island of the same name southwest of Japan. Meshima is becoming increasingly known for its remarkable women’s health benefits.* In groundbreaking studies, US researchers recently confirmed that an extract of Meshima mushrooms demonstrates potent activity in helping to maintain healthy breast cells.*” source: Mushroom Wisdom

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300 – What You Need to Know in 2018 – My Opinion – Steve Lankford

Every 100 shows I take time to distill my thoughts on what I have learned or observed since the previous anniversaries. I have a perspective on the health industry that spans over 4 decades and I have seen the growth and the changes. I suggest that you revisit episodes 100 and 200 and read the blogs that I wrote at those times. It is interesting because much of what I covered then remains relevant today.

As always a lot has changed, but much also remains the same. Changes can be challenging to manage but it also means new opportunities. In times of change, one has to understand and adapt to that change. In this podcast, I will give my overview of how my thinking has evolved and how best to move forward.

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299 – The A-List Diet – Look and Feel Younger

Prior to opening his own practice, for five years, Dr. Pescatore was the Associate Medical Director of The Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine working directly with Dr. Robert C. Atkins. What we have learned over the decades from Dr. Atkins and Dr. Pescatore is that fats in the diet are not the cause of obesity. We have learned about the importance of the types of fats in the diet and that some fats are better than others. We learned that refined carbs and too many carbs is a major factor in the obesity epidemic.
Dr. Pescatore’s newest book The A-LIST Diet (2017) is designed to go beyond Atkins and Paleo diets. Dr. Pescatore improves on these popular diets by boosting protein, protein rotation, reducing inflammation and alkalizing the body. Dr. Pescatore takes a fresh look at everyday choices and helps you customize his strategies for your unique needs.

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298 – Maintaining Intestinal Probiotic Balance

There is no product that has as much traction in the marketplace right now as probiotics. The understanding that probiotic bacteria have a profound beneficial effect on human nutrition has crossed over into the main stream. Probiotics can be found in many different products, even foods and beverages. One might even assume that all probiotics are good for human health and that you can take as much as you want. People assume that one probiotic may be equally good as any other product. Most people don’t realize how much modern life can adversely affect your probiotic balance.

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297 – Nutritional Support for Digestive Challenges

Digestive complaints are one of the most common health issues. Common digestive problems include poor digestion, upset stomach, acid stomach, irritable bowel, gas, constipation, diarrhea, allergies, and probiotic imbalances. Those are the common ones. More serious digestive issues include Crohn’s, C-diff infections, leaky-gut, Celiac disease, and so on. The number of people who chronically use acid-blocking drugs is skyrocketing. The long term use of these medications has profound nutritional consequences.
In this interview Neil E. Levin discusses the challenges throughout the digestive tract. It’s important to have as clear an understanding of your situation as you can. The more you understand the more likely you will be to find an effective solution. Neil explains some of the distinctions between problems and discusses which nutrients you can consider. Remember the best products are the ones that work best for you so be open to experimentation.

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296 – The Power of Fermentation for Foods and Supplements

You are likely already consuming fermented foods than you realize. Some common fermented foods include yogurt, beer and wine, vinegar, tempeh, sauerkraut, pickles, olives, kefir, kimchi, kombucha, miso and sourdough bread. There are others. Fermented foods are easy to digest and they are gentle on the stomach. Almost any food can be fermented. In this interview Yolanda Fenten we discuss the value of fermented foods. We also discuss Natural Factors Whole Earth & Sea 100% Organic Fermented Greens and Protein. 

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295 – Is Your CBD Safe and Effective? What to Look For.

I have preached this many times: In order to find the best products, you have to first find the best companies. Companies who pass the tests and produce products you can trust is what you are seeking. This is perhaps the most important thing in this exploding market of CBD. How do you know which products and companies are worthy of your trust and dollars?

Consumers assume CBD is CBD, without distinction except perhaps for milligram potency. But there is so much more to the story. In this interview with Stuart Tomc, we are going to discuss many of the important distinctions that tell the story of traceability, transparency and so on. We are using CV Sciences’ PlusCBD Oil as our model. If you have followed our interviews on PlusCBD Oil then you already have a good foundational background. If not you can find those interviews here.

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294 – Nutritional Support for Healthy Blood Pressure

This is an important interview on a couple of levels. First because Dr. Jaffe stresses the importance on nutrition, diet and lifestyles for healthy blood pressure and as a first line defense. Secondly he discusses some of the deficiencies in the medical approach of controlling blood pressure with pharmaceutical drugs and the failure of many doctors to consider the lifestyle factors. In this interview we will discuss how to maintain a healthy blood pressure by lifestyle choices before turning to pharmaceutical drugs.

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