Targeted nutrients are critical for auto immune challenges*

Immune Support

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Laurel SterlingI have a strong personal interest in this topic. I have reported on this frequently because my wife, Debbie has been challenged with Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 40 years. In her case it was severe. She left her job as a teacher in 1989 and never was able to go back to work. She spent the next 15 years just trying to survive day to day by consuming 8 narcotic Darvocet doses each day. Those were tough days. So we personally know the challenge of auto immune breakdown. I have great empathy for those who suffer and their families.

Our lives were turned around in 2003. There were two thing that changed her course in the most dramatic ways, drugs and nutrition.

Drugs: In Debbie’s case her only option early on was pain medication. For us, who try to avoid drugs it was a philosophical challenge. It was a journey from aspirin to Darvocet to Methotrexate. There were other drugs involved as well with limited success. In the early 2000’s a new class of drugs emerged that are called biologics. These are life changing drugs for some of those who suffer with auto immune issues. These new drugs disrupt the disease process and are revolutionary.

We spent months trying to decide whether to add a new medication. I know many people face the same dilemma. We don’t want to take the medications but we do because we hope they will provide some relief when we are desperate. In our case, the new biologics changed her life dramatically. But only partially.  Her sky high inflammation dropped by half within one week. After one week of her first injection she was off all pain medication and has been clear of those ever since. To be clear, these new meds do not work for everyone and they carry their own risk. As I mentioned, Debbie’s inflammation score dropped by half. Dramatic but still left her dealing with chronic inflammation and some pain. Less pain but not gone. Good but not great. This was some relief but we wanted more. 

NutraceuticalsNutrition: About this same time in 2003 I learned what I consider to be the turning point in my understanding of pain and inflammation. I attended a presentation on the roles of omega-3 and omega-6 in inflammation. I have since explored this topic many times on because to me this is foundational for health. Debbie began to take 1 tablespoon of Carlson Liquid Fish Oil daily as this was the dose discussed by the experts as a therapeutic dose*. A tablespoon provides almost 4000 mg. of EPA + DHA. Much higher than capsule dosages. She has been on that dose ever since. The result of adding fish oil is that her inflammation dropped into the normal range within six months and has stayed there ever since*. We have taken the omega-3 home blood test and we have confirmed that her omega-3 levels are at the top of the range.


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Once we normalized her inflammation status with Carlson’s Liquid Fish Oil, her health status has improved in many areas*. My belief is that her chronic inflammation contributed to other chronic issues that could not and would not improve until the inflammation was resolved*. Problems with sleep, constipation and low iron levels have all normalized*. Chronic inflammation prevents the body from functioning normally in many ways beyond the primary problem*. She has eliminated the other drugs and now takes only the lowest dose of the biologic drug. 

Normalizing the omega-3/6 balance is one of the first nutritional steps you must take, regardless of the health issue involved. The effect of too little omega-3 and too much omega-6 is devastating to health*. In my opinion this is one of the main reasons so many people suffer with so many inflammation related disorders*. If one does not restore this balance then other interventions will be less successful. I believe that nothing else will do what omega-3 does and must be consider one of the first steps in dealing with pain and inflammation*. Once the omega-3/6 fats are in balance, all the other nutritional interventions will be more successful*.

Carlson Liquid Fish Oil: We credit Carlson Liquid Fish Oil for being the right fish oil for us. It tastes good and clean with a hint of lemon (or orange) and makes it easy to take the higher amounts. You would have to take 5 to 10 capsules to equal 1 tablespoon of liquid fish oil. A high quality fish oil will NOT taste fishy or burp up a fishy taste. We have both been taking this product for 15 years and see no reason to change. It is the best we have found for us. I have recommended it to many others with reports of great success. Just choose a good brand and take alot. Then get tested. I’m betting that the higher your score, the better you will feel. Try it for six months and then evaluate. 

Just to be clear, Debbie takes a lot of nutritional support nutrients in addition to fish oil. Whatever your concerns, the concept is to nourish your body specifically targeting the organs, tissues and systems involved.

Auto Immunity: In this interview with Laurel Sterling, we will discuss auto immune issues and what can be done naturally and nutritionally to support health*. I think it is easy to understand why this is an important issue for my family. We can say we have found a way though a devastating auto immune disease. If we can find a way, then there is hope for others. This interview will give you an overview of auto immune issues and some of the important lifestyle and nutritional choices*. In previous interviews with Carlson experts we have discussed many of the important nutrients for immune support*. 

Remember, drugs are not nutrients and nutrients are not drugs. Drugs treat your disease, see your doctor for any medical condition. Nutrients nourish the body. Drugs do not nourish the body. You must take in nutrients through food and supplements. Think of food and supplements as the delivery system. Good quality foods are foundational. Supplements allow you to take targeted nutrients in therapeutic amounts*. Learn what nutrients benefit the organs, tissues and systems involved*. Listen to this interview with Laurel Sterling to learn what those nutrients are that can support your immune system*.

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About Laurel Sterling
Laurel Sterling, MA, RDN, CDN currently works as a national educator for Carlson Labs. She is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist and Certified Nutritionist. She has worked in the Natural Products Industry since 2000. Over the years she has counseled hundreds of individuals, lectured at various corporations and events, written numerous articles and blogs on health and nutrition, appeared on local TV and radio shows, and interviewed by local news, newspapers, and university students. She regularly attends various medical, dietetic, and integrative conferences to keep up-to-date on the latest information in the ever-changing health industry. Laurel has a genuine passion for educating, informing, and empowering the public through nutrition education.



Thyme Extract is also excellent for ALL types of skin inflammation

Skin Support

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Thyme Out is effective and fast alternative for Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Dermatitis, Rosacea, Cold Sores, Pet Rashes, Bug Bites, Fungus, Poison Ivy, Any Skin Inflammation! This is a pretty impressive claim. That’s what I first thought when I learned about Thyme Out Skin Remedy. My second thought was “how do we know that those are the benefits of Thyme extract?” So I discovered the answer in conversations with Andrew Klenert. You’ll learn the answer as well in this interview with Andrew.

English Thyme

The story starts when the Romans ruled England from 43 to 410 AD. What were the herbal medicines of that time and how were they prepared? What properties would these herbs exhibit? This is the question they asked at Leeds Beckett University in England. Thyme, marigold and myrrh were all found to have anti-microbial effects, but thyme was found to be the most potent. Here is an excerpt from the University:

Acne is caused by a bacterium called Propionibacterium acnes which infects the skin pore and then forms a pimple. Currently, the most common treatments for acne are antibiotics or a topical cream or wash containing the chemical benzoyl peroxide. These treatments are often associated with side-effects, for example benzoyl peroxide often causes a burning sensation on the skin and irritation.

A solution, known as a tincture, can be made using plants and herbs, where the plant is steeped in alcohol for days or weeks. This extracts the different compounds from the plant. The research team tested the effectiveness of thyme, myrrh and marigold tinctures in killing the acne bacterium using a test commonly used to test disinfectants. The activity of the tinctures was also compared to that of the benzoyl peroxide used in acne creams.

Dr Gomez Escalada commented: “We found that all the preparations tested were able to kill a number of bacteria. The preparation that was found the most effective was thyme tincture, even better than benzoyl peroxide. This shows the potential of thyme tincture for treating acne. End excerpt. READ MORE

That could have been the end of it, as is often the case with studies like this. But like many of the amazing and effective natural products, it came to life because of the passion and interest of one person. You’ll hear this story as part of our interview with Andrew Klenert.

If it was only effective for acne, it would be worthy of celebration. Certainly with those that deal with acne this should be a welcome alternative. It may be more effective and is certainly more gentle to the skin than current medications. But when you consider eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and all the other indications, we are addressing some of the most challenging skin conditions. Most people will do anything to improve these skin conditions. Consider the common treatments that you are aware of and you will realize that they are not necessarily very effective.

So this is a natural product that is safe, mild, effective and fast acting that will have everyone excited who tries it. This is one of those products that generates a lot of recommendations and referrals from users. People are excited to share their results because the effects are dramatic and quick. You can see the difference in the before and after pictures from the Thyme Out brochure. You can download the brochure for more information.  

Thyme proved significantly more powerful at killing Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria that causes acne, than ANY other acne medication. This means that not only is Thyme Out the best Natural Treatment for Acne but also the Best Treatment for Acne!

Further, unlike the many side effects from Benzoyl Peroxide including irritated skin leading to redness, dry skin, and bleaching of clothing, Thyme has NONE of these issues. In fact, since Thyme has strong anti-inflammation properties, the product can soothe the skin naturally. I use Thyme Out and I would hesitate to use it on children for all types of bites, irritations and rashes.

Deodorant: The same anti-bacterial properties of Thyme Out also fight the bacteria that causes underarm odor. Use it as a natural base to the skin before applying a fragrance cover-up and you’ll see a significant increase in the time that odor is held back. (irritation may occur if applied to recently shaved underarms)

Anti-fungul: The amazing anti-fungul properties of Thyme Out allow you to apply it to fungul breakouts on feet, etc. You’ll see better results than with store bought fungul treatments as the thyme instantly begins to kill fungus on contact.

About Andrew Klenert
Andrew Klenert is the President and Founder of Thyme Out Skin Remedy  In 2012, he began his recent journey with Thyme Out having seen a shortage of real natural products for skin issues in the marketplace and having his own issue to solve. Through contacts at a U.K. university, he was given the formula to replicate the ancient Roman (with some Greek influence) remedy for skin issues using several species of the herb Thyme.  Upon seeing it’s amazing properties, Andrew quickly created a brand around this ancient herbal wisdom and started Thyme Out to make it accessible to everyone. 

Andrew is an avid entrepreneur and inventor in fields ranging from the beauty to health to medical to education to the auto industry. He co-created a unique biofuel that allowed average people to make a simple homemade diesel fuel for under $0.50 a gallon and save them money during the last fuel price spike.  He worked with an engineering firm and created a life saving pressure controlled drug dispensing syringe that will soon be on the market to minimize human error.  He even created a unique quick attach/release dog leash for those with physical disabilities.


289 – Nutritional Support for Eye Health – My Interview with Anthony Thomas

In this interview with Anthony Thomas, we are discussing what are called “macular carotenoids”. Studies have shown that increasing the consumption of macular carotenoids significantly improved serum levels with the benefits as noted above. The macular carotenoids are lutein, zeaxanthin, and mesozeaxanthin. We will also consider the benefits of astaxanthin. In this discussion we will consider the benefits of trademarked, branded, clinically studied nutrients.

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288 – The Nutritional Power of Green Foods – My Interview with James LaValle

Greens and sprouted foods have been a part of the human diet for thousands of years. The animals consumed for food also consumed green grasses and leaves. The insects consumed green plants. In the ocean, krill eat green algae, sardines eat krill and so on up the food chain. It all starts with energy from the sun becoming plants on the land and algae in the ocean. These greens eventually become the omega-3 fatty acids that are so important. This is one reason why grass fed beef is better than grain fed beef.  It’s one reason why wild ocean fish are better than farm raised fish. It’s one reason why we are encouraged to eat green foods.

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287 – The Healing Power of Topical Silver Gel – My Interview with Dr. Robert MacCuspie

I love Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel. We have used Sovereign Silver products in my home for nearly twenty years. It is the only silver product I use and the only one I recommend. This is one case where there is no other silver that I know of that meets this high standard. Most companies that sell silver products do not manufacture their own silver products. They are made by some other company. So you have to dig deep to compare silver products. Sovereign Silver has done the analysis of virtually every other silver product in the marketplace and you can literally see the difference. You can review all of this at the Sovereign Silver website.

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286 – Nutrition for Your Brain – Part 2 – My Interview with Neil E. Levin

In this interview with Neil E. Levin, we are looking at nutrients that can influence mood, stress, sleep and tension issues. We are also considering nutrients for memory, brain acuity and concentration. There are often multiple factors occurring at the same time. If you have everyday stress in your life, you may not be sleeping well. If you don’t sleep well, it’s hard to restore your brain and this may affect your mood. This could lead to nervousness. Any of these can affect your quality of life.

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285 – Coenzyme B-Complex for Energy – My Interview with Dr. Audrey Ross

In this interview with Dr. Audrey Ross, ND, we will discuss the importance of B-vitamins in human health. We will also discuss the newer forms of B-vitamins known as Coenzyme B-vitamins. Dr. Ross will also discuss several nutrients that are surprisingly also forms of B-vitamins. This is a good example of making distinctions in the marketplace. Many companies don’t use any of the newer forms of nutrients. Country Life Vitamins uses all 7 of the currently available Coenzyme forms of B-vitamins and was one of the first companies to develop a Coenzyme B-complex supplement.  This is why I wanted to speak with Dr. Ross about the role of B-vitamins and the importance of Coenzyme B-vitamins.

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284 – Build Stronger Bones, Hair, Skin and Nails – My Interview with Peter D. Josling

There has been a huge growing interest in collagen supplements and with good reason. Your cells exist in a collagen medium. Collagen provide the supporting structure for tissue throughout the body. This is most easily observed in bone, skin, hair and nails. These are obvious points where collagen deficiency can be seen. These are also the areas where the research has revealed very specific effects. But don’t lose sight of the fact that if collagen is deficient in the obvious tissues of the body, then this deficiency exists throughout the body. Improvements in skin, hair and nails can be considered a sign that collagen status is improving throughout the body. For example, blood vessels need collagen for support and repair. OSA stimulates collagen production in the body.

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283 – CBD for Stress and Adrenal Health – My Interview with Dr. Aimée Shunney

CBD helps patients with stress, anxiety and mood issues. In this interview Dr. Aimée Shunney discusses the benefits of CBD for her patients. Because she deals with patients who are seeking natural and complementary support for their health challenges, Dr. Shunney is able to see the results her patients experience in real world settings. That’s why I was looking forward to this interview. There is a great deal of interest in CBD and you can get a great overview by listening to the various experts that I have interviewed. Here is the link to those interviews.

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282 – Reishi, the Mushroom of Immortality – My Interview with Mark Kaylor

In this interview, Mark Kaylor will explore the centuries old benefits of Reishi mushroom. Mark will also discuss the modern applications of Reishi. There is a great body of science regarding how mushrooms exerts their affects on human health. Those benefits are impressive especially in the field of immunology as well as showing support for the nervous and cardiovascular systems*. Reishi has also been shown to support healthy liver function and is considered a superior tonic*.

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