015 – Improve Your Memory with Jellyfish Extract


An Interview with Mark Underwood, founder of Quincy Bioscience

Mark UnderwoodYour brain controls everything you do, walking, talking, thinking, sleeping and of course your memory. When your brain is not functioning properly, everything the brain controls is affected. There are many nutrients that can support your brain’s structure and function. Deficiency in any of these nutrients can play a part in how your brain functions. If you struggle with memory loss, mental acuity, concentration or even more difficult mental challenges you have many options that you should consider. We will be covering many of these here on Health Quest Podcast. Check our Tag Index for all shows on brain health.

One of the most intriguing nutrients is aequorin. This is a unique compound originally found in jellyfish. Aequorin is found in only one product, Prevagen, so if you want to try this product your need you use Prevagen by Quincy Bioscience. My interview is with Mark Underwood, the founder of Quincy. Here he discusses the discovery of aequorin and it’s applications. People who use Prevagen note improvements in as little as two weeks.

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