Targeted Whole Food Nutrient Booster Powderfrom MegaFood

Dr. Erin StokesI like MegaFood as a company. I like MegaFood as a product. I like the MegaFood philosophy about supplements. I have used MegaFood supplements for 40 years. They were different then and they are different now. There has been a single minded focus with MegaFood over the years that has always recognized that whole foods are the foundation of good nutritional health. Whole Foods have always been a  part of their products. MegaFood simply does things differently than any other company in the supplement industry. My goal is to give you access to their experts and their process, so you can see a little more clearly what they do. Then you can decide what products to try.

Today we are talking about how to get more whole foods in our diet, that have specific benefits. Most of you are already taking a bunch of supplements. You may also be drinking your smoothie or fresh fruit juice every day. Your diet may consist of very good foods. These are all great things to do. But you may also still have nutritional needs. MegaFood has created an easy way to add concentrated whole food nutrition booster powders to your diet.

In this interview will Dr. Erin Stokes, I will discuss these unique MegaFood Nutrient Booster powders. What makes these whole food powders so different is the process used to create them. The way a fruit and vegetable powder is created has everything to do with the nutrients that remain in the processed powder. MegaFood is the only company that I know that makes their whole food powder in their own plant. They are the only ones I know that use the refractance dryer to create their food powders.

SmoothieAlmost all food powders are created by freeze drying or spray drying. These methods cause a greater loss of nutrients than the methods used by MegaFood. Dr. Stokes describes this difference. In order to make superior products and in order for you as a consumer to have the best possible outcomes, you must make distinctions in the market place. It requires that you understand the differences between products, ingredients and companies.

These distinctions are usually not obvious to the consumer. For example most consumers would not be able to distinguish between supplements that include food powders. How is one different from the other? The same concern exists for the types and sources of supplements. It is why exists. We want you to be better informed in order to make better choices. Better choices lead to better results.

MegaFood Nutrient Booster PowderWhy is this important when it comes to whole foods as supplements.?Whole foods are important for the thousands of nutritional compounds that exist in foods. When we take supplements we are often taking isolated nutrients. There is nothing wrong with this. Targeted higher potency nutrition is important. However we cannot ignore the benefits of the many other nutritional compounds that exist. Whole food powders allow us to consume many more fruits and vegetables in our diet.

The MegaFood Nutrient Booster powders and an easy way to get targeted support for four nutritional needs. They are available in four products, Daily Energy, Daily C Protect,  Daily Purify and Daily Turmeric. I suggest that you visit the MegaFood website and learn more about how they bring these farm fresh nutrients. It is truly a different process. Nutrient Boosters are exacty what the name implies. This is an easy way to intensify your whole food nutrient intake. It is an adjunct to your current program. Simply add to your juice or smoothie.

About Erin Stokes

Dr. Erin Stokes, is a Naturopathic Doctor and the Medical Director at FoodState.  Erin received her Naturopathic Doctor degree from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, in 2001. She combines her experience as a Naturopathic Doctor with an extensive background in the natural products industry. Erin’s personal mission is to empower people with the inspiration and tools to change their lives. Dr. Stokes practices naturopathic medicine in Boulder, CO.

I have two other interviews on MegaFood with Stacey Gillespie. One is an introduction to the MegaFood FoodState Whole Food SloProcess. I am fascinated by the way MegaFood creates their products. I want my listeners to understand that is truly something unique. The other interview with Stacey is about their approach to inflammation. In all interviews we learn more about their collaboration with Dr. Andrew Weil.

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Ongoing research with Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract reveals powerful benefits

Dr. Matthew BudoffEveryone has heard that there are wonderful health benefits to garlic. Garlic has been used as food and natural medicine for thousands of years. Raw garlic as a treatment has some problems. It is harsh on the stomach if you take more than a little. It has an odor that can be unappreciated. It’s benefits for health are hard to measure creating some uncertainty as to it’s health giving benefits.

Another challenge is that there are many different forms of garlic and these different forms provide different compounds and benefits. There is  raw garlic, garlic powder, garlic oil, garlic extracts and aged garlic extract. While all garlic forms are useful, they do not have the same nutritional benefits. Whenever I speak about the benefits of garlic supplements, there is only one form that I can recommend. Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract. My endorsement is because Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) has a huge body of scientific research to prove its benefits. No other garlic product has this. There are over 700 studies conducted with Kyolic AGE. This is how consumers can have confidence in any particular nutrient.


My interview is with Dr Matthew Budoff. Dr. Budoff is a preventive cardiologist, with decades of clinical practice and as a top researcher in cardiovascular health. Dr. Budoff has conducted three clinical studies looking at the benefits of AGE for managing cardiac risk. Dr. Budoff started his research into AGE as a skeptic that AGE could provide significant benefit. After four studies, Dr. Budoff has shown that Kyolic AGE has benefits as a preventive and protective nutrient, but can also help improve risk factors for those already diagnosed.

His research has shown that AGE improves cholesterol, blood pressure and arterial plaque. AGE was also show to reduce the damage caused by excessive stress. These benefits are being seen, even with patients who are already being treated with conventional medicine. AGE is a safe and effective adjunct nutrient that supports heart and vein health.

About Dr. Budoff
Dr. Matthew Budoff is an associate professor of medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and is the director of cardiac CT at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Dr. Budoff presented his findings at the 2014 International Garlic Symposium.  Dr. Budoff presented his three placebo-controlled International Garlic Symposiumdouble-blinded randomized trials using Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract (AGE), titled as “Preventive Effects of Garlic against Cardiovascular Disease.” He demonstrated that Aged Garlic Extract therapy slowed atherosclerosis progression (as measured by serial coronary artery calcium), improved blood vessel function, reduced LDL cholesterol and improved C-reactive protein, homocysteine and high density lipoprotein levels. This helps establish garlic therapy as an anti-atherosclerotic therapy in patients with and without coronary artery disease.


2014 International Garlic Symposium – YouTube Video

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Most people who are prescribed statin drugs believe that they are at serious risk for heart disease if they have “elevated” cholesterol. But is that true? Or even close to true. If you take a closer look at the science and the benefits, you will likely be surprised by what you find.

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A Smart Woman’s Guide to Hormones helps you understand how your hormones affect every system in the body. When your hormones are balanced, you have energy, you sleep well, your skin glows and you feel vibrant.

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114 – The Benefits of Antioxidants and the ORAC test – My Interview with Jim Nichols

ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity, a measure of the ability of a food or any other substance to quench oxygen free radicals in a test tube. Free radicals are unstable atoms or molecules generated in the course of normal metabolism that can strip electrons from other molecules, causing chain reactions of oxidative damage. Cumulative damage of this sort probably accounts for many of the degenerative changes of aging and for a lot of age-related disease.

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113 – Cinnamon for Blood Sugar Support – My Interview with Dr. Richard Anderson

Many of you have heard that cinnamon is beneficial for blood sugar support. For many of you that is all that you know. Most people don’t know what form of cinnamon has shown these benefits. That will all change with this interview. Dr. Richard Anderson was one of the researchers that discovered the powerful benefits of cinnamon for blood sugar support.

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