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Saw Palmetto Extract is the herb most recognized to support prostate health. In 2012 it was ranked at the 8th best selling herb. With every man over 50 being likely to experience prostate issues, it is no wonder that an herb with prostate benefits would be popular. Clinical studies have revealed that specific saw palmetto extracts have been very effective at improving or normalizing prostate health.

In this interview I will discuss Emed SP with Guy Woodman, U.S. director of sales for Euromed USA. Euromed is a leading manufacturer of herbal extract in the world. Emed SP is a specific extract of Saw Palmetto that is used throughout the world and can be found in certain brands of prostate formulas found in the U.S. I know that Doctor’s Best is one of the companies that uses this particular extract. There are others. Look for Euromed or Emed SP on the label. Any good supplement manufacturer that uses high quality, clinically studied, trademarked and branded raw materials will want you as a consumer to know. They will want you to know that they care about what goes into their products.

You might wonder why this is important to you and there are several reasons. In a previous podcast, I talked about making distinctions. It is by making distinctions about nutritional supplements that you are able to sift through what is available to you and discover which products have ingredients that have a scientific basis. It is by choosing clinically validated products that you will have the best likely outcome. Here are some of the reasons why these distinctions are important here.

  • premium_quality_guaranteedEmed SP has been clinically studied for safety and effectiveness.
  • Emed SP has been accepted by the German and U.S. Herbal Pharmacopoeia.
  • Emed SP is standardized to the correct dosage and concentration.
  • Euromed is a world leader in herbal extracts.

If the ingredients in a supplement have not been tested, then how can you as a consumer be confident that you will get the benefits? As the interest in supplements continues to grow, there is greater likelihood of inferior products coming into the market place. There are adulterated products and there are mislabeled products. Many of these products are illegal and exist and persist only because the FDA acts slowly to remove them. This is one reason you must protect yourself by becoming informed and having a trusted resource like Contrary to popular opinion, nutritional supplements are highly regulated. It is rogue companies who produce supplements which are actually illegal. Good companies produce good products and you as a consumer must discover which companies you can trust.

“Bad” products are not always illegal. Some are just not the clinical form or dosage. Some use cheap ingredients which have not be clinically studied and/or verified. In the arena of supplement ingredients there are many sources. Many companies make raw material nutrients.  Many of these companies are found around the world. The companies that make your supplements must decide which raw materials they will use. They can use the clinically studied form and they will pay more. And you as a consumer will pay more. Other companies will purchase the lowest cost ingredient in the marketplace and price accordingly. You get to choose. If you choose price, it is no problem to find cheap products for sale. Take your pick. But if you want quality, then it is your process of discovery to determine what product to choose and what brand to trust.

One of my goals is to give you access to experts that I know and have confidence in. I want you to hear them describe the science and the benefits. There are many experts and many good companies. Here at you will find a wide variety of credible and reliable sources. Listening to a variety of our podcasts will give you a broad understanding of the benefits of nutrition and how to find quality supplements that you can trust. Better choices and better supplements will give you better results.

EuromedEuromed is a company that has been making world class herbal extracts for a long time. When you purchase an herbal extract, try to determine who actually makes the extract. Ask how they know their product is effective? Look for companies that want to be transparent. Good companies want consumers to know whats in the product and they especially want you to know that they use quality ingredients and good manufacturing practices (GMP).

If you want more information on Euromed, go the their website and explore their herbal section. CLICK HERE.

Here is the link for their information on Saw Palmetto. CLICK HERE.

Find the studies on saw palmetto at PubMed. CLICK HERE

One of the most challenging roadblocks you will face as a consumer is the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 and the FDA.  This law says basically that supplements are not drugs and drugs are not supplements and they are regulated independently and differently. By law supplements cannot treat, mitigate, cure or prevent disease. If any reference is made to a supplement helping with a disease, then that supplement is by rule, no longer a supplement. It is now a drug, and subject to drug regulation. Even if there are 30 clinical studies on the benefits of saw palmetto extract for prostate health, companies are forbidden to describe those exact benefits. You will hear Guy describe how this interpretation of the law by the FDA means that you as a consumer cannot hear the actual facts from the companies that sell that ingredient.

At the same time that good companies must respect the law and refrain from making any medical claims or even imparting the results of the studies, rogue or careless companies will make all kinds of medical claims contrary to the law, and therefore gain an advantage. So not only do they make inferior products but they will also tell you illegally how they are the best. And good companies can only sit back and hope and wait the the FDA will get the house in order.

It is a frustrating state of affairs and you as the consumer are the unwitting target. If you make poor choices because you don’t know that is one thing. Good companies can’t tell you the truth and bad companies are not afraid to lie. Bad companies do get caught, all the time. It’s just that there are so many. So it is buyer beware. If you look into it you will discover that the FDA has cited hundreds of supplement companies for failure to follow the regulations.

The reality is that you cannot assume that you are purchasing a quality product. One only has to look to recent events in New York state to realize that some of America’s biggest retailers are selling products that are not in compliance with federal law. I will cover that issue in an upcoming podcast. You have to look deeply into a company and it’s products to have a sense of it’s commitment to quality. Once you discover the products that are well made by conscientious companies who regard the science you will be able to make a huge difference in your health. Quality nutrients, taken consistently over time, will provide the health building molecules that your body can use. A body that is well nourished will do better than one that is not. That is your process of discovery. The experts on can help you understand the distinctions that lead you to better choices.





Learn which nutrients are most important for prevention and cardiac support.

Dr. Decker Weiss

Heart Support

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One reason heart attacks and strokes are still widespread in today’s society is due to the lack of preventative cardiology training given to healthcare providers. Cardiovascular disease takes the lives of more than 2,150 Americans each day, an average of 1 death every 40 seconds1and it’s still the number one cause of death in the western world.

The primary cause of heart attacks is atherosclerosis which is a disease of the artery wall. Coronary artery disease is a condition that involves the arteries that supply the heart. Coronary artery disease often has no symptoms until your first heart attack. This is why early screening is so important. When a plaque in an artery becomes too big it can block blood flow to the heart. Furthermore, when one of these plaques ruptures, a clot can form which can cause a heart attack or stroke.

In this interview Dr. Weiss we discuss how and why nutrients are so critical for your success. Whether you are seeking preventive support or you have cardiac issues you need to know which nutrients can give you the best support. Dr. Weiss has treated over 20,000 patients with nutritional cardiology. His recommendations can be relied on. In this interview Dr. Weiss explains which nutrients are most important and why. He also is very passionate about quality nutrients.

Dr. Decker Weiss, NMD
Dr. Weiss is the first Naturopathic Physician to participate in a conventional internship, residency, and fellowship. Dr. Weiss became the first Naturopathic Cardiologist when after hospital-based training in the Columbia Hospital system, the Arizona Heart Institute, and the Arizona Heart Hospital, and became a fellow of the American Society of Angiology. Dr. Weiss kept privileges at the Arizona Heart Hospital, while opening the breakthrough Scottsdale Heart Institute, where he helped thousands of patients reduce medication safely, eliminate the need for angioplasty and bypass surgery, and reverse heart disease and many arrhythmias naturally.

The International Association of Health Care Practitioners and the International Association of Cardiologists named Dr. Weiss, a “Leading Physician in the World” in 2012; a distinction given to under 1000 physicians each year. Dr. Weiss sold his practice to his fellows in 2013, and while maintaining a limited practice and consulting for some of the most prestigious companies in the world joined a think-tank and research organization called Artis Research in order to research and support the people living in zones of conflict and distressed states.
At Chambers Clinic, Dr. Weiss specializes in preventive cardiology that allows for early detection and treatment of cardiovascular conditions such as coronary artery disease and hypertension.


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152 – Fish Oil: The Natural Anti-Inflammatory – My Interview with Dr. Joseph Maroon

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151 – Relief for Sciatica and Neuropathy – My Interview with Dr. Gad Gilad

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