Making Sense of Women’s Health

Dr. Marita SchauchPrint TranscriptWomen have many health issues to deal with. There are different issues for every stage of life and for many women, the solutions elude them. There are many medications that attempt to modify or suppress symptoms but they do not necessarily address the causes of the problems. Many women look for alternative methods to improve health. More and more women are turning to naturopathic doctors such as Dr. Marita (Schauch) seeking help. Dr. Marita has a clinical practice which focuses on women’s health issues.

She has recently authored a book entitled Making Sense of Women’s Health. In this book she covers 20 health challenges facing women. Every women is likely to have some of these issues during their lifetime. The book has a chapter on each of these problems and covers the topic is significant detail, outlining causes and natural approaches to improve health. This approach empowers women to take control and discover ways to live healthier lives.

In this interview we will discuss alarming trends in women’s health. We will discuss in depth how chemicals in our environment are disruptive to our hormonal system and how this disruption is causing significant health concerns. We now live in a world where contamination is the rule. Chemicals are ubiquitous. Adult women have been accumulating these chemical toxins for decades and now children are being born which dozens of toxins in their systems at birth.  What are the effects of these toxins and what can you do to prevent and treat the health problems if you have them.

Making Sense of Women's HealthDr. Marita espouses six fundamental healing principles of naturopathic medicine and it’s important that you understand these principles. Seek out health care professionals that understand these principles as they can guide you the process.

  • First, to do no harm, by using methods and medicines that minimize the risk of harmful side effects.
  • To treat the causes of disease, by identifying and removing the underlying causes of illness, rather than suppressing symptoms.
  • To  teach  the  principles  of  healthy  living  and  preventative medicine,  by  sharing  knowledge  with  patients  and  encouraging individual responsibility for health.
  • To heal the whole person through  individualized treatment, by understanding  the unique physical, mental,  emotional, genetic, environmental  and  social  factors  that  contribute  to  illness,  and customizing treatment protocols to the patient.
  • To emphasize prevention, by partnering with the patient to assess risk factors and recommend appropriate naturopathic interventions to maintain health and prevent illness.
  • To support the healing power of the body, by recognizing and removing obstacles to the body’s inherent self-healing process.

Dr. MaritaAbout Dr. Marita Schauch

Dr. Marita Schauch is a trusted naturopathic doctor, women’s health expert, author and public speaker with a genuine passion for sharing the knowledge and tools of alternative medicine and nutrition to empower women to own their path to optimal health, and lead happy, vibrant lives. With particular expertise in alternative solutions for chronic pain, stress management and adrenal health, hormone balancing, detoxification, weight management and nutrition, Doctor Marita leads a busy clinical practice in Sidney, BC on Vancouver Island, Canada.

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Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Improves Various Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Dr. Karin RiedPrint TranscriptHeart disease is the number one health challenge in America. Millions of Americans struggle with risk factors and the side effects of treatment. More and more, consumers are looking for ways to be healthier. They are searching for ways to improve their overall health and reduce the lifestyle risks. As we explore this issue I want to make a couple of points that I think are foundational to understanding our challenges and our choices. There is a lot of confusion and uncertainty among consumers and it is sometimes difficult to navigate the options. Compounding this issue is the seeming animosity between the medical profession and the alternative health community.

First we have to make a distinction between medical treatment and natural alternative support. Only doctors are distinctly and uniquely qualified to practice medicine. Medication and surgery are the tools of medicine. They are interventional in nature and do little to address or reverse the cause of the disease.

Lifestyle choices including nutrition are designed to help the body maintain health. Nutrition especially is designed to support the structure and function of the human organism. Drugs are not nutritional and nutritional products are not drugs. We should not confuse them. Nutritional products do NOT treat disease. When we miss this important point, then we misunderstand the value of nutritional support. We support the body by providing specific nutrients that the body needs and uses to maintain health and homeostasis.

When we look at the body in this way, we can focus on which lifestyle choice are likely to provide benefit. We begin to realize that we are not treating heart disease, but rather we are supporting cardiovascular structure and function. We begin to see heart health has many different components. Success becomes more likely when you understand options, risks and benefits. We can begin to make choices based on what are the structure and functions we want to support.

In this interview, I will discuss one option with Dr. Karin Ried. Dr. Ried has conducted research on Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract for cardiovascular health. She is currently beginning a new study that is designed to look at various markers of cardiovascular risk. Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract has been clinically studies for decades and as been the focus of over 700 studies. Over the years, these studies have seen benefits for cholesterol, homocysteine, inflammation, blood pressure and arterial plaque. This is an example of how a nutrient can offer benefit in numerous areas. Each of these is a cardiovascular risk factor.

Dr. Ried will discuss her research and the clinical benefits of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract. She will discuss her presentation and impressions of the 2014 International Garlic Symposium. Presentations were also made by Dr. Matthew Budoff who has conducted several studies on AGE for cardiovascular prevention and risk reduction.

I have several other interviews on the cardiovascular benefits of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract. Dr. Matthew Budoff has 3 interviews on his clinical studies. Jay Levy discusses high blood pressure. You can also listen to my interview with Dr. Ried on AGE for blood pressure.

About Dr. Ried

Dr Ried is Research Director at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Ried has over 15 years experience in medical and public health research, and research interest in complementary and integrative medicine with a focus on nutritional health. Her research projects encompass nutritional medicine, cardiovascular health, bone health, gastrointestinal health, cancer, women’s health, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
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